enter image description hereI want to set "Prompt users to create a team site under" link in self service site creation management under central admin using Powershell ?

  • Can you please add screenshot of the setting? Jan 12 '17 at 17:27
  • Added screenshot for reference.I Want to set this link using PowerShell.
    – Jay Shah
    Jan 13 '17 at 7:52

Try below PowerShell command for the relative path for the URL:

$web.SelfServiceCreationParetntSiteUrl = "/relativePath/[%userid%]"

The output will be like below:

enter image description here

You can visit this link for more information on set up User Profile My site using PowerShell.


Above code sets link for "Prompt user to create team site under". But its not selected by default.Need to write code as below for link to be set and selected.

$web.SelfServiceCreationParetntSiteUrl = "/relativePath" 

Above code sets the link and also make it selected for "Prompt user to create team site under".

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