I followed this tutorial Configure an Environment for Apps for SharePoint 2013 to create an app domain called mytestapps.com but later decided that's not a good name and I deleted the domain Zone and created another one called mjrapp.com.

My problem is that when I install apps, they are still using the deleted domain(mytestapps.com) instead of new one(mjrapp.com).

I have tried to change the App URLs in the central administration to be mjrapp.com but not working. I have also tried reinstalling the app service, subscription service and metadata service but still not getting what I want.

Any assistance will be appreciated?

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I have found the answer guys use Remove-SPWebApplicationAppDomain

  • What steps did you follow to re-configure app domain without impacting existing SharePoint hosted and Provider hosted add-ins?
    – Ashish
    Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 11:26

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