I am trying to create a second publishing library in my site for holding News Articles. When I try and create a new Article in that library I get an exception error. Is this normal behaviour? I don't want to store lots of news articles in the same library as normal pages.


It's limitation in SharePoint, There is only one page library per WebSite. But there are other workaround.

Solution A
Create sub-web to separate your article more.

Solution B

  • Create a new Content Type inhering from "Page" content type.
  • Add new column to store article categories into new content type.
  • Add the content type to page library.
  • Now you have 2 types of articles template to choose from.
  • Further create new library View to separate it.

Solution C
Create folder in page library to separate your articles.

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You can have only one Pages library per site; this library is king-of hard-coded in the product.

But why don't you simply create folders/subfolders in the main Pages library, to sort your articles?

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  • Thanks for your answer. That was my next thought if this was an ootb feature. – Razzmos Jan 7 '17 at 10:53

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