I am trying to validate any number of entries in a SharePoint form "multiple line of text" field to ensure they follow a specific format (if this will not work with multiple, I could make do with "single line of text" field). I know how to validate text format for a SINGLE entry in the field, but not sure how to validate ANY number of entries in the field.

The end user can submit a form that corresponds to any number of unique IDs that need to be captured in a field in the following format:


All numerical. It could be a single 9 digit number in the field, or a series of them (from 1 to X...25 would be the limit if single line of text field). Is it possible to use data validation on the column to ensure each 9 digit number entered is separated by a comma? With the constraint that if it's a single number, a comma wouldn't be needed.

The form will be created in InfoPath, and I do not have access to SharePoint designer or ability to add any custom coding (security reasons)...only out of the box solutions.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

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Try below validation rule in infopath


This should satisfy the [0-9] numbers which should be 9 digit ("{9}") and comma seperated multiple times.


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