I have a sharepoint online url e.g https://nnn.sharepoint.com/teams/Project But i would like to change it to MYProject. Is this possible?


  • Virendra, you can only change the URL of subsites. The Web Site Address option does not exist in the site settings for the site collection root site. May 29, 2019 at 13:42

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No, You can't!

For the ShrePoint Online - You can't rename Site URL as per these links link1 link2

SharePoint On-Premises You can change the Site Collection URL with PowerShell Script.

Please check teh stpes given in the link, Also here is another link.

Hope this will help you!


As most of these answers point out, no, you cannot do this in SharePoint Online. There is a UserVoice topic on this as Gautum mentioned.

What everyone has failed to mention though, it can be achieved with migration tools. If you've invested in a tool like Metalogix, Sharegate, or Avepoint, you can copy the entire site collection into a new site collection with the desired url then delete the old one.

I highly recommend having one in your toolbox, they are invaluable for some of the reporting features and migration capabilities, both internally to SPO and SPO to SPO.

  • Still can't do this? I tried to use Sharegate as Eric suggests above, however, it doesn't 'see' hub communication tempate sites (I don't see them unless I go to the new admin view either). So that didn't help me much for what we're trying to rename since the source and destinations are not visible to the tool. Anyone else have this issue?
    – Kim Smith
    Jan 21, 2019 at 17:41
  • As per the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, this is being rolled out for SharePoint Online. It will automatically update all existing URLs and redirect the old URLs to the new pages. The UserVoice post has been updated.
    – Ashton
    Oct 2, 2019 at 10:57

Assuming you want to change https://nnn.sharepoint.com/teams/Project to https://nnn.sharepoint.com/teams/MyProject

Changing site collection url is not possible in SPO atleast not right now.

Reference- Enable renaming the site collection URLs

Upvote on the user voice.


Site Collections URL cannot be renamed. Only subsites can be renamed. As a workaround you can explore Host named site collection facility in SharePoint 2013.

  • host name site collections are not applicable here as this is SPO Jan 5, 2017 at 15:05
  • If i can change subsite.How can i change the url of a subsite ? Thanks
    – naijacoder
    Jan 5, 2017 at 22:45

From May 2019 onwards, we can rename the SharePoint site URLs from the central admin and PowerShell


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