I have a SQL Server Table A with a foreign key with reference to B :

  • id_A [int auto_increment PK]
  • name [varchar()]
  • ref_B [int FK_ref_to_B]

I try to display A in an External List based on External Content which :

  • During reading the list : display the label of lookup columns (instead of displaying the id)
  • During edit / create element : have a button for "browsing" B values (functionality of a lookup column)

Method :

I followed some tutorials like :

According to the first link, I also created a view named view_A that make the link between A and B and select the label of B instead of the id. I used Sharepoint Designer 2013 and followed these steps : (1) I created all operations based on the table A, (2) I created associations to the table B, (3) I removed "Read Items" and "Read List", recreated them with the view view_A and paid attention to give the same columns 'display name' of other operations created during step 1.

Behaviour (Trouble) :

The trouble become during step (3). When I create operations and associations, everything is ok, but when I use the view for creating "Read Items" and "Read List" operations :

  • Label are displayed instead of the id (OK)
  • When I try to edit / create an item, I got this error message :

Unable to find the default edit / new form for list ...

The only solution for the moment is to remove "Edit" and "New" operations, but they are expected.

Question :

Can I display label and using SQL view while using column lookup ? If yes : what I could miss ?

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