I'd like tu turn off attachments in my custom list definitions. In order to do that, I specified DisableAttachments="TRUE" whenever it was possible: in list definitions Schema.xml and in Elements.xml, but I still see the Attach file button on the ribbon and still can attach files. What am I missing here?


You can use DisableAttachments="TRUE" on the top of Schema.xml and you should be good to go:

For e.g.

<List Title="Test List" Description="Test desc" Direction="0" BaseType="0" Url="Lists/TestList" DisableAttachments="TRUE" FolderCreation="FALSE" Version="8" Type="100" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">

Is your list being created by a list instance deployed alongside the list definition?

If so, the list instance can override the definition properties.

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