I am looking to get started learning more at SharePoint Development. I have pushed SharePoint Workflow as far as I think I can push it. I am looking for some guidance on where to start learning more delvish style, even if it means learning a program language and/or creating apps.

I am working with both on prem and Cloud.

Edit: I guess what I am really asking is it worth while endeavor to learn a Language like C# or something else to do developing for Office 365 mostly SharePoint. If so what have steps would you suggest.

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    Do you want to do development for workflows only? or development in general? – Mohamed Derhalli Dec 29 '16 at 19:03
  • Mostly workflows, but willing to learn more. – Andrew Dec 29 '16 at 19:39

If you're going to get into SharePoint development, then focus on JavaScript, and CSOM. Start thinking about doing what you used to do in previous versions using JavaScript & CSOM. A console applications for example to do provisioning. Back this up with learning the new open source tools which would be required to get started with SharePoint Framework, familiarize yourself with NodeJS (but don't dive deep in it, just know its purpose and what it is) & npm, Gulp, Yeoman, and TypeScript.

One source of information would be to follow PnP team and stay up to date with what's going on there. They have already built cool stuff that you can reuse, such as the provisioning engine, so instead of depending on features to provision stuff, now you can do so from a console application.

For the workflows, I suggest to learn how to package workflows in an add-in and deploy it to SharePoint, and not to focus too much on SharePoint designer.

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