I successfully indexed around 600 documents but they do not show when I searching am

PS: I have to webapp one for https and another for http and I deleted the sps3 one, I am using https in the content source.

Should I add the http version and the sps3 back ?


The SPS3 protocol is used for crawling people profiles, so should add it again.

For the content search, I suggest you to follow the best practices and use the default zone url in the content source:

Crawl the default zone of SharePoint web applications

When you crawl the default zone of a SharePoint web application, the query processor automatically maps and returns search-result URLs so that they are relative to the alternate access mapping (AAM) zone from which queries are performed. This makes it possible for users to readily view and open search results. However, if you crawl a zone of a web application other than the default zone, the query processor does not map search-result URLs so that they are relative to the AAM zone from which queries are performed. Instead, search-result URLS will be relative to the non-default zone that was crawled. Because of this, users might not readily be able to view or open search results.

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