I am new to SharePoint 2013 and am being asked to make a approval process for our Market Reviews. The reviews are generally 3-7 files of various types (pdf, tbwx, xls etc...). These are all usually put in a folder and named 'Pheonix Market Review' for example. I want to have only one approval for the entire folder, but what I am currently getting is an email approval request for EVERY document in the folder. Is there a way to make it only at the folder level?

I currently have a Document Library with a standard workflow. Should I use lists or something else? I want to approve a 'bundle' rather than each individual file.

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You can move your files and put them in a document set, and approve the document set all together. You can think of a document as a folder with extra functionality like metadata describing that folder, workflows, etc.

For more information about document sets, please check these links:



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