Hello and Merry Christmas !!

So on my edit item page, I want to add a button that creates a PDF file and saves it on a Document Library, using a Template (different than the InfoPath tempalte I'm using).

Does anyone has any Idea on how to perform this ? I searched on the internet, and only found how to convert to Word and print..

Thanks in advance.

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Hello and Merry Christmas too !

There is a lot of solution and way to do it. (Full DEV, Workflow, custom forms ....).

It depend of your skill ;)

  • You can do that with a Workflow (created with SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio). But here the complicated task is to generate the PDF (i recommend to use Word Automation Service)
  • You can DEV it. Use Visual Studio to create a dev solution for SharePoint.

Here are some ideas to implement your DEV solution:

For a Button :

  • Create a Custom Action (for adding a new button to the ribbon of your Edit form, when you click on it, it call an applicationPage (with custom logic on the Page_Load) or execute some JavaScript whitch call sharepoint REST API)


  • Create a custom Form (an application page witch is defined as form of your list or Content type) and add you asp:button with code behind logic.

How to generate PDF file :

  • use Word Automation Service programmatically to generate your PDF


  • Use extra DLL like : itextsharp

ps: Word Automation Service, is a sharepoint service, you can add it in Central Admin. You can convert word document in other format (like PDF)

Here some links to help you :

Create a Workflow to Archive Documents Using Word Automation Services

Convert Word file to PDF with REST and Word Automation Services

Using Word Automation Services in a Workflow custom activity for SP Designer Workflows

Converting Word Documents to PDF using Word Services

What you should know about Word Automation Services

Create Simple PDF File Using iTextSharp

  • Here an exemple (for SharePoint 2007 but it's almost the same in 2010 or 2013) with custom action in the ribbon and application page with custom code in the Page_Load : SharePoint: Print Friendly Button on a List Item
    – Nico
    Commented Dec 26, 2016 at 14:39
  • Thanks a lot ! I'm gonna try to make a workflow that does all the work at once.. I'll combine some of these solution you kindly gave me !! (I just started SharePoint, that's why I didn't know how to do so..)
    – SpinaloS
    Commented Dec 27, 2016 at 9:10

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