3 years ago we migrated from SP2010 to SP2013 and so also the users. We noticed that some users have not been migrated/converted. I was looking for a way to convert them and found the Move-SPUser cmd-let but i'm not sure if it is the correct way. I've also seen the Convert-SPWebApplication but I need to convert single users, not an entire application.

Which is the right way?

Another doubt: What happens with the Author and Editor fields of the existing items/documents?

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Move-spuser is the good option as all of ur user migrated already.

When you run move-spuser from old accounts to new account then it will update old user everywhere with new.



Convert-SPWebApplication only converts users that are not claims to claims. There's no issues with converting the entire Web Application again (this is done, for example, if you attach a 'classic' content database to a claims-enabled Web Application after the Web Application was converted to claims). Convert-SPWebApplication would be the correct approach here, and not Move-SPUser.

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