I am trying to configure multiple site collection for one web application,

Is it possible to set each site collection with its URL, for example

Site collection URL                           Public URL

http://webapplication/stiecollection1          http://aasharia.com
http://webapplication/stiecollection2          http://kumar.com

From your example, looks like path based site collection will be a good fit for you.

Every site collection in sharepoint has unique urls, you can create multiple site collections in a web applications. When you create the web application then 1st will be root site collection followed by path. I.e.


But if you don't want path "/sites/sitecollection1" in your URL then you have to create host name site collection.



You can created host named site collections. Refer MSDN for more details - https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc424952.aspx


Yes,it's possible. We can configure SharePoint Alternate Access Mappings to make host named site collection url. Check the blog below for detailed message:

SharePoint AAM

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