I created two content types based on Document, no extra metadata, called Status Report and Timesheet.

I then created a content type based on the Document Set called Project. Added a couple of site columns of type Person and a managed metadata. I then added Status Report and Timesheet as "Allowed Content Types" in document set settings.

I have created a library and added the Project content type. That all works fine. I can create new projects and assign metadata. Inside the set I can create status reports and timesheets.

My problem is that I want to create a view which will group the documents inside the document set. I don't seem to have "Content type" in the group by drop down.

I am able to add content type to the columns of the view. It displays the correct data but I cannot sort or filter on this column.

Have I done something stupid?

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Use a workflow to copy the value of the content type field into a new text field, then use this field to group by.


I have tried this and can't either. The easiest way is to simply edit the page in SharePoint Designer and do the grouping that way.


Seems like the content type is not available for grouping in Designer either... Or I don't know how to display it. I opened the AllItems.aspx and clicked Sort&Group in the ribbon. But the column Content Type isn't there. Can you give me a hint how to do it? Thanks a lot!


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