Apologies that I need to be asking this question but I have not managed to find the answer/question anywhere.

I am updating my profile in Delve and i'm only allowed to enter certain keywords into the 'skills' section. While I can easily live with this, when it comes to asking to business to populate their profiles, I am certain I will get asked this question many times.

Is this preset list in a term-store somewhere? Can I change a setting to allow users to enter new keywords?


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The Skills are a property of the User Profile stored in the SharePoint Admin center. Go to user profiles, and select Manage user profiles link

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search for your profile, and select to edit it. In the skills section, you'd see your added skills which reflects the ones added in Delve.

enter image description here


enter image description here

Users should be able to add Keyword, Job Title or any other property not connected to Keyword or Job Title.

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