How can i change the width of the results horizontal graph? Basically the view of the survey list is the summary.aspx of the Survey List. End goal is to show the survey in a small box in the lower right section as a webpart in the main page, so current dilemma is that the graphs are too long...

Here's the example -

enter image description here

I tried changing the css ms.surveyhbarb but im not sure which element is controlling the width.

This is Sharepoint 2013.

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There are two classes to control that

  • A class called ms-surveyHBar for the blue section.
  • A class called ms-surveyHBarB for the grayed section.

The two classes have only a height property, so you just need to add a new width property like this

    width: 50pt !important;

But I think this is will not match your requirement to show the survey in a small box in the lower right section as a web part in the main page! where the web part width will not change! as shown below

enter image description here

So in your case, you will need to create a custom web part to get survey graphical result and show it in a chart with your custom bars and width then add it in your page.

To can achieve that, check the code at, Getting survey graphical result

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