I am using Search navigation web part and Search Results web part to show the search results. The default search results showing in List View and I need the results to be switched in both List view and tile view.

If I click tile Icon in search navigation I need the search results to display in tile view.

enter image description here

And If I click the List Icon in search navigation I need the Search Results to be displayed in List View.

enter image description here

The result items can be of any type and the item preview should be displayed when hovering for list view and there is no hover-over preview for tile view and preview will be displayed in image marked preview section(tile view image). I have analyzed about this and there is almost 12 item and hover panel display templates by search results default and nearly 8 display templates uses commonItem body template. And for the person, video, picture display templates is entirely different. So, If this can be achieved by using 2 display templates(one for list view and other for tile view) then "Is that possible to integrate all templates logic into single template?" for both list and tile view and "What is the way to switch between tile and list view from search navigation icon?" or please suggest me some idea to achive this.


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