I hope, someone can help me finding the error. I am working on a form in SharePoint to enter the working time. Calculating the working time without lunch is no problem, but I am running in Errors when including the Lunch time.

I have a choice-menu, where I can choose, how long the lunch time was (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, no lunch).

The columns are "WorkingTime", "LunchTime", "EndTime" and "StartTime".

My calculated column looks like below:

=IF([LunchTime]="No Lunch",((EndTime-StartTime)*24),
IF([LunchTime]="30 Minutes",((EndTime-StartTime)*24)-0.5),
IF([LunchTime]="45 Minutes",((EndTime-StartTime)*24)-0.75),
IF([LunchTime]="60 Minutes",((EndTime-StartTime)*24)-1))))

Can somebody tell me, where the error is?

Thank you in advance, Best Regards Jochen

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Always format you formulas in a Text Editor with line breaks,
and you immediatly see where you go wrong with the brackets:

=IF([LunchTime]="No Lunch"
    ,IF([LunchTime]="30 Minutes"
    ,IF([LunchTime]="45 Minutes"
    ,IF([LunchTime]="60 Minutes"

You might want to do:

=(EndTime-StartTime)*24 -
    IF([LunchTime]="30 Minutes"
        ,IF([LunchTime]="45 Minutes"
            ,IF([LunchTime]="60 Minutes"

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