I have a error when I trying to activate feature "Report Server Integration Feature" on my site collection. The message of the error is :

The content type with Id 0x010100C3676CDFA2F24E1D949A8BF2B06F6B8B defined in feature {e8389ec7-70fd-4179-a1c4-6fcb4342d7a0} was found in the current site collection or in a subsite.

I tried to use this this solution but it didn't helped.

I found that report server feature has compatibilty level is 14. Can it be a root of this problem?

enter image description here


Yep. The problem was in ReportServer CompatibilityLevel 15. Solution I found in enter link description here article.

Fix: Install-SPFeature -path “ReportServer” -CompatibilityLevel 15

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