Is there any way to search for content ONLY within the Recycle Bin in SharePoint 2013? I'm not a programmer... need a novice solution.

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    Other than sorting by the name field, no, there isn't anything you can do without code of some sort – Eric Alexander Dec 12 '16 at 18:41

I dont think you can do it OOTB/ or view search service application. But if you know the Item title then you can use SharePoint powershell to find it.

(Get-SPSite "http://SERVERNAME:PORT/").RecycleBin | ?{$_.Title -match "DeletedFile"}

if you want to restore it then

(Get-SPSite "http://SERVERNAME:PORT").RecycleBin.Restore("e7652991-b3b7-4df2-a3c8-39b76a8e98d3")

Source: Get files / search files from Recycle Bin - SharePoint 2010

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