I'm using SharePoint 2013. Can anyone please suggest me how to use URL parameters in SharePoint 2013 view for filtering view results.


You can filter a list via URL Parameter by using Query string (URL) filter web part

Steps :

  • Edit your page that has the list view
  • Add Query string (URL) filter web part.

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  • Click on Open the tool pane to configure the Filter web part.
  • Set the Query String Parameter Name to your URL Parameter Name.
  • Edit Query string (URL) filter web part > Select Connection > Select Send Filter Values To > Select your List to view result.
  • At Choose connection Tab > Connection type > Select Get Filter Values From.
  • At Configure Connection > Select your Filter field.

For more details check Filter a List via URL Parameter in SharePoint


This is a bit old, but it does seem to (mostly) still work:


See http://sharepointificate.blogspot.com/2012/12/filtering-listviews-with-url-query.html for a bit more info.

I've had trouble using it with Boolean columns, but other than that, it seems to work OK.

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