I have created a PowerApp on Office365 from SharePoint list. In my list there are FirstName(Title), LastName(Text), Department(Choice) fields.

I am able to see FirstName and LastName fields but not Department field. Only Number, Single Line of Text, Date-time fields are showing.

How to display Choice field ? In below picture, I want to display Department which is Choice field and not showing in drop-down.

enter image description here

It can possible to display on Edit Form Screen as explained here: Introducing support for lookups and a new sample app

But on the default template form screen, choice fields are not showing.

I have added internal name of the Department field in function (fx), shows error.

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You have to bind field value like below.

In below Sample is your field's internal name.

ThisItem.Sample.Value or Sample.Value will also work.

  • Thanks,.. Field.Value and ThisItem.Field.Value both are working... It was so simple. Commented Dec 13, 2016 at 4:25

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