I am trying to create a field in sharepoint list with unique values.

  string fieldSchema = "<Field Type='" + field.FieldTypeKind + "' Indexed='" + indexing + "' DisplayName='" + field.Title + "' Name='" + field.InternalName + "' EnforceUniqueValues='" + field.EnforceUniqueValues + "' Hidden='" + field.Hidden + "' Required='" + field.Required + "'><Default>'" + field.DefaultValue + "'</Default></Field>";

                                targetcollField.AddFieldAsXml(fieldSchema, true, AddFieldOptions.AddToDefaultContentType);

But it throws exception "This field must be indexed to enforce unique values."

I have also tried

 if (field.EnforceUniqueValues == true)
                                        field.Indexed = true;
                                        field.EnforceUniqueValues = true;

But still it throws same error.

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The only possible reason for your error is you are trying to index the field which is not available to indexed.

Error Cases - Exceptions

There are two error cases associated with using the EnforceUniqueValues property to enforce uniqueness:

EnforceUniqueValues = true is set on a non-indexed field.

Throws an exception object (SPException) with a message reading "The field must first be indexed to enforce unique values.

EnforceUniqueValues = true is set on a list that has existing duplicate values.

Throws an exception object (SPException) with a message reading "This field contains duplicate values. Remove all duplicate values and try the operations again.

Unsupported Column Types to be indexed

  • Multiple lines of text
  • Hyperlink/Picture
  • Custom Field Types
  • Calculated Field
  • Boolean (yes/no)
  • UI version
  • Checked out to
  • Content type ID

You can get detail here.

  • I am doing it for single line text column
    – KumarV
    Commented Dec 12, 2016 at 9:45

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