I want to restrict user from uploading multiple attachments in SharePoint list NewForm or EditForm. User should able to attach/upload only 1 file.

How can I do this ?

  • Can you clarify the question so we can help you? you mentioned CSOM, can you share some code or tell us what you did? – Mohamed Derhalli Dec 12 '16 at 5:01
  • no need CSOM code , required SharePoint c# managed code or jsom – Krumil Patel Dec 12 '16 at 5:04
  • You can use event receiver for that. ItemAttachmentAdding event receiver. Reference: boostsolutions.com/blog/… – Dikesh Gandhi Dec 12 '16 at 10:36

Create an event receiver on the list with ItemAttachmentAdding event.

Put below code in your event method:

 public override void ItemAttachmentAdding(SPItemEventProperties properties)

            SPAttachmentCollection attachments = properties.ListItem.Attachments;
            if (attachments.Count >= 1)
                properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelWithError;
                properties.ErrorMessage = "You cannot add more than one attachment.";
        catch (Exception ex)
            properties.ErrorMessage = ex.Message;
            properties.Status = SPEventReceiverStatus.CancelWithError;

Hope this will help you!

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  • What Happened? Is there any problem in the code? If its useful to you, then kindly accept this answer. So it will be useful to others. – Dikesh Gandhi Dec 13 '16 at 11:59
  • I can't get a attachment count so that's why code is not execute properly. – Mavani Dec 13 '16 at 12:09
  • I have updated code. I have tested it. Its working properly. – Dikesh Gandhi Dec 13 '16 at 12:19

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