I need to redirect the subsite URL to Root site collection, For example, if I accessed the ~sitecollection/departments means, It needs to redirect to ~sitecollection, Is it possible? or Is it possible to create a virtual as sites/departments? I tried http://www.toddklindt.com/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=48 this, but I am not clear, Please suggest me some idea to achieve this .

  • What is the requirement behind this? Maybe there's another way to solve this because this approach seems a bit unconventional at least.
    – Mx.
    Dec 9, 2016 at 14:42

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Add below code in your master page, this will redirect to root site if user try to access subsite.

$(document).ready(function() {
       var siteUrl = _spPageContextInfo.siteServerRelativeUrl;
       var webUrl = _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl;
       var isRootWeb = siteUrl == webUrl;
       if(isRootWeb == false){

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