I am in process of exploring the options for creating quick launch navigation system in SharePoint 2013 on premise. Below is requirement of quick launch navigation.

  • The navigation has to be nested up to three levels deep or more.
  • Each site in the SharePoint 2013 will have its own quick launch
    navigation different from rest of the sites.
  • For each of quick launch menu an unqiue icon should be placed.
  • Site owner should have ability to easily add new links with images to quick

I had explored default navigation settings that would basically support only 2 levels. I am not sure Managed navigation would solve the requirement. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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You can try using managed metadata navigation. It allows for I've added instructions and a video tutorial to help.

SharePoint 2013 – Navigation using Managed Metadata

Managed Metadata Navigation in SharePoint 2013

You could also try building a custom menu that is based on items in a list.

Create a Multilevel Hierarchical Menu in SharePoint 2013 with SuiteBar Branding Delegate Control

Let me know if you have any questions or need help.

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