a customer is asking whether it is possible to use SharePoint (2013 and up) search in a term store and (infer) the URL of any hits. To make my example more vivid, imagine a term structure like


 - Group 1 
       - Term 1
       - Term 2
       - Term 3
       - ...
 - Group 2
      - Term 4
      - Term 5

Now if I searched for "Term 2" I would like SharePoint to display a result containing the URL.

I tried some KQL like

"Term 2" Path:"https://site.contoso.com/" contentclass:STS_Web -ContentClass=urn:content-class:SPSPeople

in the query Editor, but it does not work. If there are any hits, it is only displayed as "Group 1 - https://site.contoso.com/Group 1", but I would like it to be "https://site.contoso.com/Group 1/Term 2".

Also, SharePoint automatically appends -ContentClass=urn:content-class:SPSPeople which is very annoying. Is that necessary?

Could you please tell me what is wrong? Thank you for your help.


I found a work around:

  • Take a normal {SearchBoxQuery}, specify to look for Title:{SearchBoxQuery}
  • Use Path:https://path/to/site to narrow search results
  • Create a custom search result page and use the SharePoint Site search refiner as Default

This will display only subsites and is totally sufficient. It does not actually solve the Problem but serves the need.

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