I have a hyperlink: http:\some-domain.ca.com and I need to update it to http:\new-domain.pa.com

How do I globally update every single occurrence on the entire Sharepoint site?

I will accept answers for front-end or back-end (bonus for both).

I was thinking of maybe someway to checkout every single file, open it in explorer view, then run a script on that directory of files, but I don't think I can access that explorer view in powershell.


I don't think this is a good practice, but for the front end site, you could add some javascript code on your master page, such as:

    $('a').each(function() {
        // set the old base URL of your site, and the new ones
        var oldBaseUrl = 'http://yoursite.com';
        var newBaseUrl = 'http://yournewsite.com';

        // get old URL, and replace the old base url with new one
        var oldUrl = $(this).attr(href);
        var newUrl = oldUrl.replace(oldBaseUrl, newBaseUrl);

        // set the new URL to the link
        $(this).attr('href', newUrl);

Backend looks like a better option. You could change the site collection URL via SharePoint Management Shell. Have a look at this article.

  • Wouldn't that only apply for the homepage? Unless I added that to every directory which isn't an option – Kellen Stuart Dec 7 '16 at 0:30
  • You could add that to the masterpage, will of course will be applied to the entire site. – Andy Wijaya Dec 7 '16 at 2:48

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