We are planning to migrate SharePoint 2010 application to Office 365, SharePoint Online.

Current application in SharePoint 2010 has complex InfoPath forms with code, and we are looking for alternative options for InfoPath on SharePoint Online or if InfoPath with code is possible in SharePoint Online?

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You should be aware of the code-behind on an Infopath form is not be useable in Sharepoint Online. for more details check Can I use Infopath code behind in SharePoint online?

Regarding alternative ,


That's a good question and I believe many different folks want to know the right answer.

In reality we have many different options, paid or not, third-party or custom.

I just want to give you some options I'm aware of through the internet.

First of all there is an official opinion from Chris McNulty, Microsoft Senior Product Manager:

We’ve talked about ‘we want you to get off InfoPath’ but we never gave you a good answer before. We’ve really learned from that. And now we have the answer, and the answer is PowerApps and Flow. They are the successor to the InfoPath / SharePoint Designer model.

He gave an interview at Ignite in September 2016. The link.
Other useful links:


As far as I know Infopath forms with code-behind are still possible in 365 (as long as the form goes to a Forms Library, rather than acting as a custom data entry page for a List), but you would be best emailing 365 support directly to confirm.

Sandboxed code solutions have also been removed from 365 so if you need custom code to run you need to use a Sharepoint App along the lines of the new app model MS are currently pushing as the new standard.

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