I have many site collections that use a SharePoint Add-in common for most of the pages in sites and subsites.

Each time when I create a new version of add-in and upload in appcatalog, I have to manually go to all the sites and follow steps - site contents> select add-in > click on upgrade > Get it .

Is there anyway such that if I upload new version of an app it should automatically upgraded in all the sites?

Also if new app id added to appcatalog, can it be added to all sites , even trust it should also be taken care for itself.

I have tried below link from which I was able to only deploy the Add-in but not install it.

Tenancies and deployment scopes for SharePoint Add-ins

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If you install the Add-in inside the App Catalog itself you will have access to the Add-in's Deployment options. You have to actually install it in the App Catalog, not just upload it.

Here's a blog that walks through the process. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/richard_dizeregas_blog/2013/03/04/sharepoint-2013-app-deployment-through-app-stapling/

  • Hi Omer, This adds app only to the site contents. To add it as webpart to the page, we have to trust it again by going to individual sites manually.
    – Santosh S
    Commented Dec 7, 2016 at 13:15

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