I have a custom designed HTML master page. Now that I've styled everything the way I want, I am unable to get the fly out menu to work on the Global Navigation. I have updated the Snippet to include changing the MaxiumDynamicDisplayLevels to 2 and StaticDisplayLevels to 1. However, none of these changes are reflected in the masterpage when I update it. I noticed there is a div wrapped around the enter ASPMenu with this dataname <div data-name="TopNavigationNoFlyoutWithStartNode">. So my assumption is that this probably has something to do with it - how do I activate the flyout menu? To note, I am not using Managed Metadata as I don't have access to Central Admin.

Also, strangely enough, if I paste the new Snippet code into my masterpage, it interferes with a script I have implemented to make my QuickLaunch an accordion menu. All of the links are then expanded.

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I was able to figure out the issue. For whatever reason, SharePoint CSS had a visibility set to hidden attribute in the CSS for the submenu. Overriding that corrected the issue for me.

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