I'm trying to create new Synchronization connection, when I Click on create new connection button it Shows below message

enter image description here

For that I have done below steps

Open the Central Administration > Manage Service applications Click to open the User Profile Service(UPS) application Click the "Stop" link from the right-down of the page. The link is under "Profile Synchronization Settings" section.

Here Is the Screen shot of Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application

enter image description here

Still it shows messgae Cannot navigate to request page while User Profile Synchronization Is Running Please Suggest Some Workaround

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Stop and Start the User Profile Synchronization Service from Services on the server page!

Make sure after start service, it should not stuck on starting


Couple of things to check

  • restart sharepoint timer service on the server where UPA sync provisioned
  • check from central admin, timer job status if upa sync job still running
  • stop and start upa sync
  • may be you have to clear config cache on the upa sync server

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