Can someone explain to me the difference between the two and why I'd use one over the other? I'm very new to Sharepoint am needing all the help I can get.

  • Hi @WaqasSarwarMCSE ,I agree with you, it's duplicated but the answer in the main post is not up to date where auto-hosted has been deprecated and the app name become add-in , I know you know that but the answer in the main post doesn't mention that , Nov 28, 2016 at 17:26

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SharePoint Web Part

  • Web Part is a reusable component or a server side control that can be added inside a SharePoint page.

  • Web Part code runs directly on the SharePoint server.

  • There are several out-of-box Web Parts available in SharePoint and one can also build their own custom Web Parts.

  • You can use Server Side Object Model / CSOM via C# .

For more details check Creating Web Parts for SharePoint

SharePoint Add-In

  • Add-ins can be developed on both SharePoint Online and in On-Premise offerings.
  • Add-ins don't have custom code that runs on the SharePoint servers.
  • Almost all major types of SharePoint components can be part of a SharePoint Add-in, including pages, lists, workflows, custom content types, list templates, Web Parts, and more.
  • There are two basic kinds of SharePoint Add-ins —

    • SharePoint-hosted and
    • provider-hosted.
  • Add-in can be published to Microsoft’s public SharePoint store or hosted in a private store.

  • Provide you with the simplest marketing and sales system based on a Microsoft online add-in store.

  • Maximize your flexibility in developing future upgrades.

  • Maximize your ability to take advantage of your existing non-SharePoint programming skills.

For more details check SharePoint Add-ins

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