I made the target audiences column in a list to required. but when I add a new list item without specifying the audience , it still gets created. When I edit the item, the target audiences field has a GUID in place generated automatically. Why is this happening? Am I missing something?


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You are correct, unfortunately, SharePoint by default fills this field with the text "No targeting" when it's left empty which causes it to pass the required validation part.

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If you want to make sure that Audience field is set as required, you need to write custom code in the newform/editform in the PreSaveAction method. Just edit the page and add a script editor/content editor webpart on it.

Code would be something like below:

function PreSaveAction(){

    var AudienceField = $('.ms-inputuserfield[title=Audience Editor]');
            if(AudienceField.html() === ''){
                $(AudienceField).append('<p class="ErrorMSG" style="color:red;">You must specify a value for the above required field</p>')
    return false;

            } else {
                return true;

You can also take a look at JSlink to make sure its required. Code would be like below:

mjh.MyCustomFieldValidator = function () {
  mjh.MyCustomFieldValidator.prototype.Validate = function (value) {
    var isError = false;
    var errorMessage = "";

    if (value == "No Tageting") {
      isError = true;
      errorMessage = "Target Audience cant be empty";
    return new SPClientForms.ClientValidation.ValidationResult(isError, errorMessage);

var formCtx = SPClientTemplates.Utility.GetFormContextForCurrentField(ctx);

// register the field validators
var fieldValidators = new SPClientForms.ClientValidation.ValidatorSet();

if (formCtx.fieldSchema.Required) {
    new SPClientForms.ClientValidation.RequiredValidator()
} fieldValidators.RegisterValidator(new mjh.MyCustomFieldValidator());

formCtx.registerValidationErrorCallback(formCtx.fieldName, mjh.onError);
formCtx.registerClientValidator(formCtx.fieldName, fieldValidators);

Reference - Applying JSLink to list fields

Introduction to Client forms validation

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