I cannot find the create list event receiver wizard in VS2013 - it was there in VS2010. I want to be able to add an event receiver (in C# - item_added) to an already existing list.

In VS 2010 it was easy you just ran the create list event receiver wizard. In VS2013 I cannot find it.

  • Open Visual Studio 2013 and create an Empty SharePoint Project.

enter image description here

  • Enter site URL and select Deploy as a farm solution and click Finish. enter image description here

  • Open Solution Explorer and add a new item. enter image description here

  • Select event receiver and enter the title of the event receiver. Click the Add button. enter image description here
  • Select List Item Events in type of event receiver and select the Document Library option from the event source. Then select an events as in the following and click Finish. enter image description here
  • The following screen will appear. Here I'm trying to update a SharePoint list based on file changes happening to a separate SharePoint Document Library.

Basically, the list will act like a document log. So we need to create the library and a list.

Here, I have created the EmployeeDocuments library to add and maintain documents and also created an EmployeeDocumentLog list to log the changes happening to the library. enter image description here

Reference Article

  • Open Visual Studio 2013
  • Create new project from file > New > New Project
  • Select SharePoint 2013 - Empty Project.

enter image description here

  • Right click on your Project > Add > Add new item > you should now get Event Receiver.

enter image description here

  • Now the SharePoint Customization wizard should be shown.

enter image description here

Note :

To apply it Event Receiver to already custom list

  • At SharePoint Customization wizard > What Item Should be the event source.
  • Select the list Content Type (EX: if it's custom list select Custom list) >

  • Then select the event required > click finish.

  • Now open Element.xml at solution explorer.
  • Change <Receivers ListTemplateId="100" > To <Receivers ListUrl="Lists/yourlist">

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