I want to add an "upload document button" to listitem DispForm.aspx. I created ribbon custom action in my hosted application. When I press the button, opens the Upload.aspx form, but uploadLocation field is empty. I call Upload.aspx as

<CommandUIHandler Command="Invoke_RibbonCustomAction1ButtonRequest"

It opens Upload.aspx form and it works, but it can't get the parameter RootFolder. For example, the result link is: http://myPortal/mySite/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/_layouts/15/Upload.aspx?List=c0e84b4a%2D92e7%2D414b%2Dacaa%2D88e98824b185&RootFolder={RootFolder}

When I manually add to this link correct RootFolder value, the field uploadLocation gets this value.

So, I've got question - how to call Upload.aspx form correctly and get parameter RootFolder.

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Can you check, it seems there is error in your query string parameters.

&ampRootFolder={RootFolder} should be &RootFolder={RootFolder}

  • I've changed link, but nothing has changed. Adress is still like /Upload.aspx?List={here is id number}&RootFolder={RootFolder}&IsDlg=1 And the field uploadLocation disappeared. Nov 24, 2016 at 13:52

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