Users have reported that they are missing the SharePoint "Sites" tile from the Office 365 online app launcher.

I have tried re-syncing users from on-premise Active Directory, re-applying licensing, hiding then re-showing the Sites option under SharePoint admin centre > Settings.

Can someone please help me reset the app launcher tiles for all users?

Offie 365 App Launcher

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The Sites tile has been renamed to SharePoint. Please refer this Office team blog about it.

If you want your users to see the Sites Tile, you can always add a custom tile with name Sites by following this article. I'd suggest not to go this route and recommend sending a communication to users about this change from Microsoft.

  • A SharePoint tile isn't available either. I just added a screenshot to the original question.
    – Ash
    Nov 28, 2016 at 0:13

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