I have added an incorrect script text/URL into the embedded Code of a web part content editor.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://spfarm.rootname.com/sites/SITENAME/SitePages/Home.aspx">

Now, the site URL fails (The webpage cannot be found) I forgot how to get back into edit to fix ! I am only a tester not a developer, however, I do have all access rights.

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Try appending "?Contents=1" to your site's URL to put the homepage into a special web part maintenance view. You can find and delete your snippet/content editor from there.

  • Click on (Settings) icon > Click Edit Page

enter image description here

  • Find the content editor web part in your page >Click on it.

  • From the above ribbon > at Format Text tab > Click on Edit Source

Note: If it's a script editor web part , just after editing the page click edit snippet

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