In my list I added Choice control. In this control I add multiple values I want set predefined using jQuery.

Please check attachment. I want to when page load that two check boxes are selected automatically.


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You can use following code for your requirements:

      jQuery("span.ms-RadioText[title='Education'] input[type=checkbox]").attr("checked", "checked");
      jQuery("span.ms-RadioText[title='Retail'] input[type=checkbox]").attr("checked", "checked");

Selector span.ms-RadioText[title='Education'] input[type=checkbox] selects your particular checkbox by using checkbox value.

  • Hey thanks for reply this is my loop how to select in this loop only Retail and Edu $("input[id^='Product1_'][id*='MultiChoiceOption']").each(function(){ alert("hi")}); – Admin Nov 23 '16 at 8:28
  • You don't need loop for this, just use selectors I proposed. – Sergei Sergeev Nov 23 '16 at 8:32

Yes , you can achecive this using placing below jquery in document.ready function

This multiple chocie control renders in the below format , so you can find the id of the particular option you want to check it by default.

<input id="Vertical_a8554df1-914b-483a-9ebd-43c92c17ad03_MultiChoiceOption_5" type="checkbox">
<label for="PRID_a8554df1-914b-483a-9ebd-43c92c17ad03_MultiChoiceOption_5">Education</label>

//put this in document.ready function
//This you can use to checkthe specific checkbox using its id
$('#Vertical_a8554df1-914b-483a-9ebd-43c92c17ad03_MultiChoiceOption_5').prop("checked", true);

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