I have created a workflow which runs when a form request has been submitted.
Currently, the approval manager will receive a notification email with a link to the approval page.

However, as some managers seems to be; they tend to delete the emails and the approval process remains pending.

is there an option to add a button or a link that takes you directly to the approval page?!

enter image description here
This where the approval manager sees the pending requests.
At minute, if the email has been lost > there is no (simple) way of approving it.

What I also have tried out:

Since it is a Document Library > I also tried the Content Approval
Require content approval for submitted items? > YES

but the approval process does not work!
For some reason, it does not interact with the WF at all.

Any suggestions?

PS: The CapEx Approval is the actual workflow!

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Figured out that this can be achieved via 2 options:

  1. add the Approval process column to the view
  2. add the Nintex workflow approval tasks web part

enter image description here Whereby the second option is a great feature :)
it lists all your outstanding / pending approvals.

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