I am working on sharepoint server 2013. now i have created multiple site columns using the UI. Now when creating these site columns using the UI i can set if the column if Required or not. but i not not have the ability to set if the column is visible on Edit, view, Create forms, and to get these settings i have to create the site column using power-shell.

so my question is if i create a site column using the UI, can i updated its property such as "ShowInDisplayForm" using powershell later on ? or the site column need to be created using powershell from the beginning to be able to change its "ShowInDisplayForm" or "ShowInEditForm" , etc ??

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Yes, you can update the property later on if you have already created the filed using UI. The code would be as below:

$list = (Get-SPWeb "http://yoursite").Lists |? {$_.Title -eq "yourlist"}

 $field = $list.Fields["yourfield"]

 $field.ShowInNewForm = $false //$true

 $field.ShowInEditForm = $false //$true

 $field.ShowInDisplayForm = $false //$true


There is no dependency on how or using which method you created the column.

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