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I create a content type based on a Document Set (called A). I create a document library and allow this new custom content type to be added to the library. I add one column (say Car Phone) to the new content type(A).

I want to be able to edit the EditForm.aspx to add some text or javascript.

However, if I do anything to the editform.aspx through SharePoint designer it completely ignores any custom fields on my content type A. Now, when selecting the item, and selecting edit i do not see my Car Phone Property. This occurs only when i do anything to the editform.aspx that exists in the document library. Just copying to a new name and setting as the default edit form it ignores my custom properties on the content type A>


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You try to add that new column to the content type and not to the library.

  • Yes, my content type was defined at the site level and was added to a document library. After adding the content type the edit works fine with all the properties however if i try to modify editform in any way it then just completely ignores any of my addition columns on the content type.
    – David
    Commented Sep 25, 2011 at 23:25

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