I have found many scripts on the internet on how to update a task using JSOM, but through JSOM i am able to only checkout, checkin and publish. The task doesnt go to approval center. Is there a way to do it?

  • In Project Online... there is an inbuilt approval center where incase i update any task, it goes there. But this works when i do it the OOTB way... i dont see any options for the same in JSOM Nov 21, 2016 at 7:40

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I was able to crack it. Below is a sample code. Note (Its not clean but hope you all can understand :P) We need to use Enterprise Resource Entity to get the assignment. Then use submitStatusUpdates which will send it to the approval center

function runMyCode() {
    //Create the ProjectContext object
    projContext = new PS.ProjectContext('PWA Site Here');
    enterpriseresources =PS.EnterpriseResource.getSelf(projContext);
    assignments = enterpriseresources.get_assignments();

    projContext.executeQueryAsync(LoadProject, QueryFailed);
  function LoadProject() {
    //Create variable that will hold specific project information   
     assignment = assignments.getByGuid($.urlParam('AssignmentID'));
    projContext.executeQueryAsync(GetTasks, QueryFailed);

  function GetTasks() {
    assignment.set_item('Custom Field Internal Name',parseInt(percentComplete));
    assignment.set_actualStart(actualstartdateformat.toISOString()); //actualStart
    assignment.set_actualFinish(actualenddateformat.toISOString());  //actualFinish
   projContext.executeQueryAsync(PublishAndCheckIn, QueryFailed);

   function PublishAndCheckIn(response) {

  function QueryFailed(error)

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