I need to show to the Subsite owners the visitors of their site with the specific time. I know about the Site Analytics Report but it just gives an overview of top visitors and top sites/pages. Can we make changes to it and display the users with the specific time when they visited the site.

I know about Audit Reports but again they can be turned on only for a site collection level and I do not want that.

I would really appreciate if we can find a solution without any custom code as I don't want to get into that.

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Bad news web analytics in SharePoint 2013/2016 offer less what we have in SharePoint 2010. In SharePoint 2013/16 you will get only top thing, they called it popularity trend. You can get this for single item, library or subsite. But i know this will not full fill you requirement.

Check this workaround, mentioned last part of the blog

In this situation you need the 3rd party tools.CardioLog Analytics or Webtrends

You can try free tool from codeplex for google analytics Google Analytics SharePoint 2013 / Office 365


The Analytics generate two reports that are based on usage event types:

Popularity Trends shows usage event statistics for a site collection, a site, or an individual item in a library or list.

Most Popular Items shows usage event statistics for all items in a library or list.

The reports are broken down per usage event type. The default usage event types are as follows:

Views. The number of views for a single item, page or document.

Recommendations Displayed. The number of times a single item, page or document was displayed as a recommendation.

Recommendations Clicked. The number of times s single item, page or document was clicked when it was displayed as a recommendation.

You can also add any custom usage event types.

For more information about the Analytics Processing Component and usage events, see Overview of analytics processing in SharePoint Server 2013. For information about search reports — for example, Number of Queries or Top Queries by Day — see Usage reports

Hope this helps!

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