i want to ask how to create workflow reminder on sharepoint 2013. the workflow with 3 stage (3 months, 2 months, 1 months before due date). could you give me a references for create the reminder?

thank you :)


For doing this the simplest approach is to create a second workflow to the task list(where your list creates all its tasks). This secondary workflow which will run on the task list will run whenever a new item is created in the task list. We can pause it in accordance to the due date. That is :

Lets assume that your due date is kept as 4 months from the task creation, so

  1. First pause it for 1 month from the task creation date, you can( due data - 90 days) and then send a reminder mail.

  2. Then pause it for another 30 days (that happens to be now due data - 60 days), keeping a check if the task is yet not completed and then again send reminder mail.

  3. Finally pause it for another 30 days ( that happens to be now due data - 30 days ), keeping a check if the task is yet not completed and then again send reminder mail.

Build a similar logic for the secondary workflow which covers your needs.

You can follow this invaluable blog from Microsoft for reference.

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hi all,

i tried to create reminder workflow for -30 days, i stuck to create the 3 trigger for 3 months, 2 months and 1 months.

thank you in advance :)


Leverage Information Management Policy. Create a workflow that only sends the email and then stops. Use IMP to trigger on a date column to start the notification workflow. You can set up multiple levels of IMP for your monthly notifications. Each item will walk through each stage of your IMP.

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Create the workflow on the list - Add step "Pause until " ... and set date as Due Date - 3 months. Similar for 2 and 1 month.

Once the workflow execution have started, then it will wait for date to be equal to due date - 3 months, once the date is reached mail/ necessary action will be taken. Then similarly add "Pause until .. due date -2 month".

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