am going to have a APPSERVER in my SP 2013 farm environment. I would be having 2 WFEs and 1 index server and 2 sql servers with mirroring configured in the SP FARM.

how to handle the redundancy of AppServer in SP 2013 ? In case of a hardware failure of APPSERVER in this farm how to overcome this situation?

I have gone through the below link search-crawl-index for search related things. But i am not able to see anything related to redundancy. Incase of failure of APPSERVER, how the search will be functional ? in case, wfe, it will be decided by NLB,it will failover and switch to 2nd WFE. but what will happen if APPSERVER fails?

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You would have to add two app servers, or convert the index server to an app server and add one more to create a fault-tolerant farm.

Smallest fault-tolerant farm utilizing virtualization All farm server roles virtualized and distributed across two or four host servers to provide fault tolerance using the minimum number of servers.

enter image description here

See: Traditional Topologies for SharePoint 2013 in the article Technical diagrams for SharePoint 2013

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