I have developed a asp.net web application which has some asp.net webforms(aspx pages) in it.I have tried to deploy those into sharepoint without visual studio. I have manually copied all the project files as folder and pasted into sharepoint layouts folder inside 15 hive. Then I tried to access the webpage from sharepoint site like below. ex:URL of the site/_layouts/foldername/test.aspx .

I am getting parser error which says could not load type the page Will this approach work in SharePoint? Is there any possibility to deploy asp.net pages without creating SharePoint project from visual studio?

Please advise.

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You also can create page in site pages. Simply to go site content ->Site Page library -> you can create new page there only if you dont want to write any script there. Or open SharePoint designer, Go to site pages -> in page tab, you can create aspx page and also can change source code.

  • Your answer is not relevant to my question.please read the question once again.
    – user61960
    Nov 18, 2016 at 10:59

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