I am using SharePoint Online and have inserted a Script editor webpart with the following code to redirect from page - "SPage" to page "Pages". However it is not working, can anyone provide me assistance in getting this to work?

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
if(location.href === 'https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/SPage.aspx'){
    location.replace ("https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/Pages.aspx");
    return False;
  • For future reference, "it is not working" is not very helpful. Please explain how it is not working.
    – wjervis
    Nov 17, 2016 at 13:38

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Try it as below:

if(location.href === 'https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/SPage.aspx')
     location.href = "https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/Pages.aspx";
  • if we have multiple site collections under the same web collection, is it best practice to write this javascript in the site collection master page?
    – hkhan
    Jan 17, 2019 at 20:19
  • @hkhan yes, that would be the way to go if you want it across multiple site collections in a web app. Jan 18, 2019 at 6:27

first convert the LHS and RHS to lowercase and compare.

var spageUrl = 'https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/SPage.aspx';
if(location.href.toLowerCase() === spageUrl.toLowerCase())
     location.href = "https://mysite.sharepoint.com/sites/ABC/SitePages/Pages.aspx";
  • Thanks for providing an answer Amit. I havent been able to check if it works or not as I used the solution provided by Gautam first and it was successfull for me
    – cr1
    Nov 17, 2016 at 6:29
var url = _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl;
url = url.replace(/\/$/, '') + '/';
var check_URL = url + "SitePages/SPage.aspx";
var redirectURL = url + "SitePages/Pages.aspx";
if(location.href === check_URL)
    window.location = redirectURL;

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