I have a SharePoint document library used to store Office documents (pptx, docx, ...). This library uses a custom content type for documents and this content type contains a field that serves internal purposes, let's call it Promoted.

Now when creating and editing Office documents in the library this Promoted field is available for editing in Word, PowerPoint, etc. in the Properties view of the document like this:

SharePoint field that should not be available for editing

The user can change the value and when saving or uploading the document to SharePoint the value is preserved and synced to the SharePoint field. That has to stop.

How can I prevent this field from being synchronized between SharePoint and Office applications?

I don't want any synchronization at all. The field belongs to SharePoint. And should stay there. Any thoughts on this?


The field does still belong to SharePoint but the Office documents show custom SharePoint properties in that window, that's built in behavior.

Have you tried making the field read-only and seeing if that stops the ability to change it from Office apps?

  • Unfortunately, that wouldn't solve my problem as I also need to prevent the value from travelling with the document. When the user downloads the document and uploads it again (in another doclib) the value mustn't be there. – Heinrich Ulbricht Nov 16 '16 at 19:06

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