What are my immediate options (free tool) in order to bulk upload files with metadata? I have found followings but none satisfy the bulk-load requirements.

For example: CodePlex: http://spbulkdocumentimport.codeplex.com/ Seems like meta-data not supported http://docuploadmetadata.codeplex.com/ - not sure if its still a good download b/c low traffic, no documentation, author deleted source code, no comments...


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There's a post by Paul Childs that'll help - Bulk upload files with metadata into SharePoint using PowerShell

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    Thanks but Paul's script does not support Date/Time type fields.
    – Bill Baer
    Jul 3, 2012 at 17:12


Are you still waiting for an answer? I have very exact situation and I think I am going to use DocKit from Vyapin (a 30 day trial) to bulk upload in Dev environment. If I can convince my boss then I can get him to purchase the license for production.

But I would like to get hold of a PowerShell that will do this. Anyone else... This is a hot topic.


I used this script as a base for my own - especially for handling metadata columns. It's very well commented.

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